Turkey becomes a destination for people seeking fertility treatments


Turkey has become the preferred destination for couples from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and even the United States who seek in vitro fertilization so they can have babies.

The secret of success: a cutting-edge technology comparable to that of the best European and American clinics at prices up to five times cheaper…and a welcoming atmosphere.

“Five years ago my husband and I wanted to have kids, and though we’re both fertile, I could only get pregnant through assisted fertilization, a treatment that in the United States costs some $16,000 for having it done just once,” Sarah Flores Sievers, director of a public health program in Santa Fe, New Mexico, told Efe.

“We faced a dilemma: do we pay our mortgage and our bills or do we have a baby?” Sievers said.

Even something as simple as a vaginal sperm injection, according to her husband, Fletcher Sievers, costs between $2,500 and $3,000 in the United States.

For that price a patient in Turkey can get the most advanced in vitro fertilization technology with a 40 to 55 percent rate of success, Bulent Tiras, head doctor of the fertility treatment unit at Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul, said.

Most of his patients are Turks, but Tiras estimates that from 10 to 15 percent come from abroad, mostly from Eastern Europe and the Balkans where the technology is less developed, as well as from Arab countries and Central Asia. EFE


Dealing With Grief

I came across this blog and decided to rebolg it. Dealing with Grief is like dealing with a heavyness on your shoulders. Hopefully this blog can relieve stress and tension for you all! ENJOY !



Dealing with sorrow…

The grief from the death of someone deeply loved cannot be mastered or conquered. You can learn to live with your great loss; there will be healing and health and yes, even joy again. But there can never be full “recovery” or a return to an untroubled past.

As the years go by, life has a way of dealing it’s pain and challenges to everyone. And the longer you live, the greater your chances of being hit by a major grief. And there is no easy way out or quick cure for it. Such is life.

You may be tempted to lessen this tragedy in your life by numbing your mind with alcohol or drugs, or escape from it by reading or watching TV incessantly. But it is an important part of eventual grief resolution that you experience and express grief fully, especially in the beginning.

It’s only later, when you figure out that you need to function again, go to work without breaking down in the middle of a board meeting, that you will need some coping methods to help get you through the day. And we will provide them for you here.

Just don’t try to repress your grief too soon, or you’ll just have to deal with the whole painful process later in your life. And it will be more difficult and complicated later on. Sooner is better than later when it comes to bereavement.

Dealing with sorrow…

We’ve constructed a truly helpful and practical grief survival coping guide for you here. These ideas and strategies came from other survivors of grief, just like you. They work! Read all about it here:


  • PHYSICAL CARE– Take care of that body. Read about rest & sleep, diet & exercise, and alcohol & drugs. Things you might not have thought about…
  • EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES– Keeping it together, about crying, and creative expressions of grief…
  • SPIRITUAL COMFORT– Dealing with the spiritual crises of bereavement
  • PERSONAL PRIORITIES– Treating yourself gently, finding comfort, postponing decisions
  • SOCIAL SUPPORT– Family & friends, activities, saving your marriage, and about the holidays…



Dealing with sorrow…


Find others who have lost a loved one to talk to. A support group can give encouragement, guidance, comfort, and practical suggestions. They can lend a sympathetic ear when your friends and family have grown tired of hearing about it (and they will). Find a list of some good local support groups and online forums here:  OUTSIDE HELP.


If your grief seems like it is just too much to bear, seek professional assistance to help work through your grief. It’s a sign of strength, not weakness. Get some counseling especially if your grief seems to be damaging your marriage or family relationships.




Stressing Over organization



So, we all know being near and clean is what we have been taught since we were little. Ever since I was a young child every toy had its place and every mess was cleaned right way.When I became pregnant in late march/early April I never would have thought that this would change.

Sophia is 2 months old now. For the past 7 months my whole house is a MESS. Being big on organization It driving me crazy! I didn’t realize how bad the mess (and my stress) was until today . Early afternoon I decided to buy a new fish tank for my fish nemo. Nemo is a goldfish I bought from Walmart almost 3 years ago. Anyways, I headed over to pets mart to buy aquarium gravel, little plastic plant props & other pointless things we buy to make it look cute. After spending 45 minutes cleaning the tank and all of the pieces it came to my attention I had absolutely NO where to put it. After becoming so frustrated at having no where for him to go, I felt like giving up. I decided to clean off my night stand. What I thought would only take about 5 minutes quickly turned into 20. There was so much pointless junk on the night stand. Old candy wrappers, broken pens, old stickers, and 1000000 little crumbs. Talk about feeling trashy! I then began to look around the room to realize the whole house was cluttered. Being taught to be so neat used to be an every day thing for me. What happened? Do we honestly get so wrapped up in other things during the day that we don’t have enough time to clean?

You never think things like that will happen until you have a baby. I can’t imagine what it’s like having twins. Or even quadruplets! Even though before having Sophia I was set on having twins. We all get busy at times. Let me rephrase that. A lot of the times! But maybe we do need to take time to clean. Does it make us a bad parent for not setting a good example? Or would our kids understand? If I offend anyone I am deeply sorry! But what if being unorganized really is a bad thing? These are the questions that swarmed in my head late tonight. I was always told Your house reflects who you are. If that’s the case than I’m a stuffed animals every where, pencil shavings on the floor, dishes piled high kinda gal. (Laughs to self) How are all of you coping? Feel free to leave your comments , advice, and opinions.


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