Turkey becomes a destination for people seeking fertility treatments


Turkey has become the preferred destination for couples from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and even the United States who seek in vitro fertilization so they can have babies.

The secret of success: a cutting-edge technology comparable to that of the best European and American clinics at prices up to five times cheaper…and a welcoming atmosphere.

“Five years ago my husband and I wanted to have kids, and though we’re both fertile, I could only get pregnant through assisted fertilization, a treatment that in the United States costs some $16,000 for having it done just once,” Sarah Flores Sievers, director of a public health program in Santa Fe, New Mexico, told Efe.

“We faced a dilemma: do we pay our mortgage and our bills or do we have a baby?” Sievers said.

Even something as simple as a vaginal sperm injection, according to her husband, Fletcher Sievers, costs between $2,500 and $3,000 in the United States.

For that price a patient in Turkey can get the most advanced in vitro fertilization technology with a 40 to 55 percent rate of success, Bulent Tiras, head doctor of the fertility treatment unit at Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul, said.

Most of his patients are Turks, but Tiras estimates that from 10 to 15 percent come from abroad, mostly from Eastern Europe and the Balkans where the technology is less developed, as well as from Arab countries and Central Asia. EFE





I am a little late , but like most of you I stay busy. Plus packing boxes, cleaning, cooking AND taking care of my beautiful daughter can take a lot out of a person! Yah feel me? I hope all of you had a wonderful & SAFE 4th of July. Comment below & share what you did for the 4th of July. Even if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to shoot fireworks, remember that it isn’t the only thing you should be doing. For 4th of July remember to thank :


Samuel Huntington
Roger Sherman
William Williams
Oliver Wolcott


Thomas McKean
George Read
Caesar Rodney


Button Gwinnett
Lyman Hall
George Walton


Charles Carroll
Samuel Chase
William Paca
Thomas Stone


John Adams
Samuel Adams
John Hancock
Elbridge Gerry
Robert Treat Paine

New Hampshire

Josiah Bartlett
Matthew Thornton
William Whipple

New Jersey

Abraham Clark
John Hart
Francis Hopkinson
Richard Stockton
John Witherspoon

New York

William Floyd
Francis Lewis
Philip Livingston
Lewis Morris

North Carolina

Joseph Hewes
William Hooper
John Penn


George Clymer
Benjamin Franklin
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Benjamin Rush
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Rhode Island

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South Carolina

Thomas Heyward, Jr.
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Carter Braxton
Benjamin Harrison
Thomas Jefferson
Richard Henry Lee
Francis Lightfoot Lee
Thomas Nelson, Jr.
George Wythe

“I Pray You All Had An Amazing 4th Of July ! & A Great Day Today!”




STOP What Your Doing & Listen..

Now that i have your attention .

I have but 3 things to said !

1.) Don’t be your child’s bestfriend.


Answer : Parents often feel that if they are a their child’s  FRIEND instead of parent that the child may tell them more, and be more open to them.

There is a fine line between being a friend to your child , & being to friendly.

One day your child may come home with a tattoo or maybe a new biker boyfriend. With you being a “friend” they expect you to be excited & supportive.  Therefore causing more arguments when you don’t agree. Picture this , what happens 70% of the time when you tell a child “no” ? they rebel right? Not always , but quite often. They might even rebel just because of the fact of you disapproving. 


2.) STOP making your child do sports or instruments they don’t want to do ! 


Answer :If your child is constantly doing  something just to impress, honor or make YOU happy , they could feel as if they always have to impress you. Causing more fights & arguments later on.


3.)Believe in your child no matter what !


Answer: Even if the both of you know for a fact your child will never be president, an astronaut, or an outer space alien give them encouragement . Without encouragement they may never reach their full potential .





Sign Language For Children & GAMES

Things You’ll Need

  • small snack food such as fish crackers or oat cereal pieces
  • water
  • milk


  1. First Signs

    • 1

      Seat the child at a the meal table. Don’t try this when the child is really hungry. Rather, reserve this as a snack-time activity to start with.

    • 2
      Ask the child “Would you like something to eat?” When you say the word “eat” pull the fingers of one hand together and hold the hand next to your mouth. Pretend you are eating an imaginary sandwich. The child will probably reach for the snack food. But repeat the sentence with the gesture. When the child makes any gesture, give her a couple of snacks.
    • 3

      Ask the child “Would you like more?” Make the sign for “more.” Hold all 10 fingers together and draw them apart, as if you were stretching a piece of silly putty. Repeat the question until the child puts his hands together. Then give snacks. Repeat both gestures with their words.

    • 4 Offer the child a sippy cup of water. Ask “Would you like some water?” While saying the word “water” hold up the first three fingers of one hand and brush them against your chin. Repeat the question with the gesture until the child touches her own chin  
    • 5 Repeat these signs for all meals for several days. When offering milk, make the sign for “milk.” Make your hand into a fist and squeeze as if you are milking a cow  

    Add People

    • 6 Create a sign for your child’s name. Keep it simple. It might be the first letter of the child’s name. Use the sign when talking to him  
    • 7 Use the sign for “mother”–drawing the thumb along the jawline when referring to her.
    • 8 Use the sign for “father”–holding the brim of an imaginary hat) when referring to him.  
    • Respond quickly when the child uses the sign for attention. The attention he receives is the best reward to reinforce this new vocabulary.

  • Begin teaching sign by singing the alphabet song while signing the letters. Most children will be intrigued by your hand motions and will pick up the signs easily since the song is one they are familiar with. Provide visual aids such as photos of hands signing each letter to help children make the correct hand shape. To reinforce the skill of finger spelling, make signing the alphabet song an activity that is included in every daily plan.

I Spy

  • When children learn a few more signs for color words, animals and household items, play a game of I, Spy using sign language. Be sure to be slow and deliberate with your signing, as children just learning to use sign will often get confused by fast signing. For more of a challenge for more advanced signers, make the I Spy game completely silent. Sign to only one child at a time, and ask that child to find the item you are spying and bring it back to you. If the child guesses correctly, it is his turn to provide the signs for the next child in line.


Sign Bingo

  • Play Bingo in the traditional manner, but use sign language to “call” out the numbers and letters. This activity reinforces children’s learning of basic finger spelling and number signing techniques. Learning finger spelling early will give children the means to communicate effectively in sign with hearing-impaired classmates and family members. Play a shortened version of the game with preschoolers, and allow each child the chance to be the “caller” as well as a Bingo player.

Sign Telephone

  • This game is similar to a traditional game of telephone, but the messages are passed along only in sign. This game is appropriate for children who have some prior sign language experience and knowledge. A teacher will begin by signing a simple sentence to one child in the class. That child will then attempt to pass the message along to the next classmate and so on until the entire class has received the message. The last child to receive the message will then tell the class what the message was. The results are often funny and can really demonstrate how messages, even in sign, can sometimes get muddled when passed from one person to another.

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