Today I Met An Angel (Cancer Awareness)

Today I met an Angel. Her name ? Kelsey Hunnicutt. I know what your thinking , Just another sob story about a disease that kills thousands around the World. But, this story is a little different. Kelsey is ONLY 17… & Bless her heart as beautiful as can be. A few months ago I over heard someone talking about her. Unaware of who she was I blew it off. Today though , Was different for me. Kelsey and her grandmother came in to my work to eat. Not knowing who she was I smiled and simply greeted them. They both ate and began to leave. As they left I saw a hospital bracelet on the table… I began to read the name on the bracelet. It read “Kelsey Hunnicutt.” This is the girl who is losing her life to cancer? The one EVERYONE everywhere is talking about. My stomach dropped as tears came into my eyes. She’s younger than me, & yet she has her life to worry about. Where I’m always complaining about Bills, New shoes & how my hair NEVER looks right. WE ALL can be ungrateful. & I know bills are important , BUT this young lady simply smiled the whole time. It was definitely a tired smile… But it was a SMILE! How could I be so selfish. Here I am looking at someone who may not make it to Christmas , & if she does, Want be able to FULLY enjoy it. But getting to my point of this hole thing We all have struggles. We all have our bad days & our not so bad days. We all strive to be perfect. What about the kids who aren’t so lucky? What about the children in hospitals who can’t even make it out on thier own. This really does bother me. Any other time i’d get a tad bit emotional but i’d blow it off. THIS TIME though has me wanting to do something, Anything ! To help people like Kelsey ! Please find it in your heart to pray for her, & others that share this life taker. She has a Facebook page and a fundraising page !


Fundraising website :

Facebook page :



-Thank you, & I as well will be praying for this young girl. She truely inspires me to want to help not only her but every other child. The description below is the one they have on her facebook page. TEAM KELSEY



This is a support page for Kelsey Hunnicutt. She was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

This is a support page for Kelsey Hunnicutt. She was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bonecancer most commonly found on children, young adults and athletes. She is a senior in high school and has been a cheerleader all four years, but this year she won’t be able to cheer due to her condition. She is a very strong girl and we know that she can beat this cancer but a little support never hurt anyone. We are currently working on a few different things for her and if anyone is interested, feel free to contact us. Please keep this sweet girl in your prayers! And remember #dontgiveupkelsey