Turkey becomes a destination for people seeking fertility treatments


Turkey has become the preferred destination for couples from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and even the United States who seek in vitro fertilization so they can have babies.

The secret of success: a cutting-edge technology comparable to that of the best European and American clinics at prices up to five times cheaper…and a welcoming atmosphere.

“Five years ago my husband and I wanted to have kids, and though we’re both fertile, I could only get pregnant through assisted fertilization, a treatment that in the United States costs some $16,000 for having it done just once,” Sarah Flores Sievers, director of a public health program in Santa Fe, New Mexico, told Efe.

“We faced a dilemma: do we pay our mortgage and our bills or do we have a baby?” Sievers said.

Even something as simple as a vaginal sperm injection, according to her husband, Fletcher Sievers, costs between $2,500 and $3,000 in the United States.

For that price a patient in Turkey can get the most advanced in vitro fertilization technology with a 40 to 55 percent rate of success, Bulent Tiras, head doctor of the fertility treatment unit at Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul, said.

Most of his patients are Turks, but Tiras estimates that from 10 to 15 percent come from abroad, mostly from Eastern Europe and the Balkans where the technology is less developed, as well as from Arab countries and Central Asia. EFE


Cute Cakes For Tots!


This would be cute for a little girls 9th  birthday! With a princess theme and tiara’s every where! Everyone could dress up as princess at the party. A princess ball!


I love, love, love ,love , love penguins ! ❤  It can be used for boys or girls. Not to mention you can have a winter theme birthday party.




This is pretty orignal. A great idea is have your child dress up as her favorite disney channel princess!




Coming from a big gamers perspective, This cake is amazing. Cake could be served at 2:30pm. This could be followed by video games at 3:00pm.


This is perfect for those girly girls. Idea : Each girl at the party could get a My Little Pony.



This one is much similiar to the one above! Idea : Each girl at the party could be given a barbie doll. Don’t forget the pink balloons!





This is something a little more unique. Not to mention pricey! If your looking for something to add a little pop of color to your darling daughters birthday party this would be perfect!




This is more orignal, and colorful. I love all of the colors put together. Idea : Have gift bags filled with plastic, child safe tool sets.




This is perfect for your child’s 1st birthday party! Not to mention when you want something thats not over the top. Idea : Hand out each guest a diaper. (The size your little one wears) Have each guest write thier name and a piece of advice for the future. One your child’s 18th birthday hand them to your child.


These are my favorites! Some are as smple as cutting butter. Although some are alot more unique.








Thinking about A Birth Plan?


Thinking of making a birth plan? Simply print out the Following and fill it out!

I had one and there such a big help, because trust me once you get the labour pains you DO NOT feel like talking .


Birth Plan:

[  ] Full name:

[  ] Partner’s name:

[  ] Today’s date:

[  ] Due date: OR Induction date:

[  ] Doctor’s name:

[  ] Hospital name:

Please note that I:
[  ] Have group B strep
[  ] Am Rh incompatibility with baby
[  ] Have gestational diabetes

My delivery is planned as:
[  ] Vaginal
[  ] C-section
[  ] Water birth
[  ] VBAC

I’d like…:

[  ] Partner:

[  ] Parents:

[  ] Other children:

[  ] Doula:

[  ] Other:

…present before AND/OR during labor

During labor, I’d like:
[  ] Music played (I will provide)
[  ] The lights dimmed
[  ] The room as quiet as possible
[  ] As few interruptions as possible
[  ] As few vaginal exams as possible
[  ] Hospital staff limited to my own doctor and nurses (no students, residents or interns present)
[  ] To wear my own clothes
[  ] To wear my contact lens the entire time
[  ] My partner to film AND/OR take pictures
[  ] My partner to be present the entire time
[  ] To stay hydrated with clear liquids and ice chips
[  ] To eat and drink as approved by my doctor

I’d like to spend the first stage of labor:
[  ] Standing up
[  ] Lying down
[  ] Walking around
[  ] In the shower
[  ] In the bathtub

I’m not interested in:
[  ] An enema
[  ] Shaving of my pubic area
[  ] A urinary catheter
[  ] An IV, unless I’m dehydrated (and a heparin or saline lock IS/IS NOT ok)

I’d like fetal monitoring to be:
[  ] Continuous
[  ] Intermittent
[  ] Internal
[  ] External
[  ] Performed only by Doppler
[  ] Performed only if the baby is in distress

I’d like labor augmentation:
[  ] Performed only if baby is in distress
[  ] First attempted by natural methods such as nipple stimulation
[  ] Performed by membrane stripping
[  ] Performed with prostaglandin gel
[  ] Performed with Pitocin
[  ] Performed by rupture of the membrane
[  ] Performed by stripping of the membrane
[  ] Never to include an artificial rupture of the membrane

For pain relief, I’d like to use:
[  ] Acupressure
[  ] Acupuncture
[  ] Breathing techniques
[  ] Cold therapy
[  ] Demerol
[  ] Distraction
[  ] Hot therapy
[  ] Hypnosis
[  ] Massage
[  ] Meditation
[  ] Reflexology
[  ] Standard epidural
[  ] TENS
[  ] Walking epidural
[  ] Nothing
[  ] Only what I request at the time
[  ] Whatever is suggested at the time

During delivery, I would like to:
[  ] Squat
[  ] Semi-reline
[  ] Lie on my side
[  ] Be on my hands and knees
[  ] Stand
[  ] Lean on my partner
[  ] Use people for leg support
[  ] Use foot pedals for support
[  ] Use a birth bar for support
[  ] Use a birthing stool
[  ] Be in a birthing tub
[  ] Be in the shower

I will bring a:
[  ] Birthing stool
[  ] Birthing chair
[  ] Squatting bar
[  ] Birthing tub

As the baby is delivered, I would like to:
[  ] Push spontaneously
[  ] Push as directed
[  ] Push without time limits, as long as the baby and I are not at risk
[  ] Use a mirror to see the baby crown
[  ] Touch the head as it crowns
[  ] Let the epidural wear off while pushing
[  ] Have a full dose of epidural
[  ] Avoid forceps usage
[  ] Avoid vacuum extraction
[  ] Use whatever methods my doctor deems necessary
[  ] Help catch the baby
[  ] Let my partner catch the baby
[  ] Let my partner suction the baby

I would like an episiotomy:
[  ] Used only after perineal massage, warm compresses and positioning
[  ] Rather than risk a tear
[  ] Not performed, even if it means risking a tear
[  ] Performed only as a last resort
[  ] Performed as my doctor deems necessary
[  ] Performed with local anesthesia
[  ] Performed by pressure, without local anesthesia
[  ] Followed by local anesthesia for the repair

Immediately after delivery, I would like:
[  ] My partner to cut the umbilical cord
[  ] The umbilical cord to be cut only after it stops pulsating
[  ] To bank the cord blood
[  ] To donate the cord blood
[  ] To deliver the placenta spontaneously and without assistance
[  ] To see the placenta before it is discarded
[  ] Not to be given Pitocin/oxytocin

If a C-section is necessary, I would like:
[  ] A second opinion
[  ] To make sure all other options have been exhausted
[  ]To stay conscious
[  ] My partner to remain with my the entire time
[  ] The screen lowered so I can watch baby come out
[  ] My hands left free so I can touch the baby
[  ] The surgery explained as it happens
[  ] An epidural for anesthesia
[  ] My partner to hold the baby as soon as possible
[  ] To breastfeed in the recovery room

I would like to hold baby:
[  ] Immediately after delivery
[  ] After suctioning
[  ] After weighing
[  ] After being wiped clean and swaddled
[  ] Before eye drops/ointment are given

I would like to breastfeed:
[  ] As soon as possible after delivery
[  ] Before eye drops/ointment are given
[  ] Later
[  ] Never

I’d like my family members (NAMES):

[  ] To join me and baby immediately after delivery
[  ] To join me and baby in the room later
[  ] Only to see baby in the nursery
[  ] To have unlimited visiting after birth

I’d like baby’s medical exam and procedures:
[  ] Given in my presence
[  ] Given only after we’ve bonded
[  ] Given in my partner’s presence
[  ] To include a heel stick for screening tests beyond the PKU
[  ] To include a hearing screening test
[  ] To include a hepatitis B vaccine

Please don’t give baby:
[  ] Vitamin K
[ ] Antibiotic eye treatment
[  ] Sugar water
[  ] Formula
[  ] A pacifier

I’d like baby’s first bath given:
[  ] In my presence
[  ] In my partner’s presence
[  ] By me
[  ] By my partner

I’d like to feed baby:
[  ] Only with breastmilk
[  ] Only with formula
[  ] On demand
[  ] On schedule
[  ] With the help of a lactation specialist

I’d like baby to stay in my room:
[  ] All the time
[  ] During the day
[  ] Only when I’m awake
[  ] Only for feeding
[  ] Only when I request

I’d like my partner:
[  ] To have unlimited visiting
[  ] To sleep in my room

If we have a boy, circumcision should:
[  ] Be performed
[  ] Not be performed
[  ] Be performed later
[  ] Be performed with anesthesia
[  ] Be performed in the presence of me AND/OR my partner

As needed post-delivery, please give me:
[  ] Extra-strength acetaminophen
[  ] Percoset
[  ] Stool softener
[  ] Laxative

After birth, I’d like to stay in the hospital:
[  ] As long as possible
[  ] As briefly as possible

If baby is not well, I’d like:
[  ] My partner and I to accompany it to the NICU or another facility
[  ] To breastfeed or provide pumped breastmilk
[  ] To hold him or her whenever possible




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