Getting Your Septum, Lip & Belly Button Pierced

Recently I got my septum pierced . That’s the one that is in the middle of your nose . People refer to it as the “bull” piercing . As a Tattooed parent with piercings I decided to post a blog about taking care of your septum piercing , belly button piercing & lip piercing .

Now I know most people believe people with piercings are rebels or outlaws. From my opinion “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Some of the greatest people from the 21st century (and wayyyyy before) had piercings . Even curtain cultures believe in piercings and what people call “weird” rituals. Feel free to voice your opinions .





  1. Clean the septum twice a day. Soak a cotton wool bud or Q-Tip in a salt water or a saline solution. Gently move your piercing to ensure that the solution gets inside the wound. Be sure to remove all crusting—if it is not removed it will harden around the ring and tear the inside of your piercing when the ring moves. Crusting also promotes bacteria growth, and thus infection.
    • Pull the tips of the septum keeper down when you clean your piercing.
    • Do not pick at any crusting or scabbing with your fingers, as this will lead to excessive scar tissue and infection.
    • Avoid turning and playing with the ring for the first 4 weeks. When cleaning, you should move it very gently, and only enough to thoroughly clean the piercing.
  2. Dry the piercing completely after cleaning. This should be done by patting (not rubbing) it with a paper tissue. Don’t use a towel—they can harbor bacteria.
  3. Use essential lavender oil to help speed up healing. Apply 1-2 drops after cleaning every other day. Remove any excess with a tissue. Be sure not to overuse this, though, as too much lavender oil will cause skin irritation.
  4. Do not remove your ring for any reason during the first 8-10 weeks. Also avoid wearing any sort of sleeper for the first few months, as the sharp hinges can cause tearing and infection in the wound.




  • Taking care of your navel piercing : Wash with antibacterial soap once or twice a day. First, wash your hands and remove any crust on the piercing with a cotton swab or Q-Tip. Then, gently clean the site with antibacterial soap and water.[1] Avoid tugging on the piercing, which will be painful and slow the healing.
    • Make sure the soap suds get in the holes. The easiest, gentlest way to do this is to half-fill a cup with soapy water, gently place it over the piercing, and lightly swish it around. It may hurt a little if the piercing is fairly new, but the pain will wear off in a few days.
  • 2

    Don’t apply alcohol or peroxide. Both will dry out the skin.[1] In fact, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent that can have corrosive effects on your skin and disrupt wound repair.[2]

  • 3

    Don’t apply ointment. This will prevent oxygen, which is essential to the healing process, from reaching the piercing.[1]

  • 4

    Don’t swim. Whether it’s a chlorinated pool, a hot tub with bromine, or a natural river, it’s best to avoid getting anything besides soapy water in your piercing.[1]

  • 5

    Don’t touch the piercing during the healing process. The only time you should touch your belly button ring is when cleaning it.Always remember to wash your hands beforehand.

  • 6

    Don’t remove the jewelry during the healing process. Though many piercings heal within six weeks, others can take months.[1] Check with your piercing artist (or read the paperwork you should have gotten with the piercing) for an exact timeline.

    • If you want a new look, and your piercing does not hurt when you touch it, you may unscrew the balls from the barbel and change them, but leave the barbel in place at all times. Changing it will irritate the piercing and may introduce bacteria to the wound. You may also choose to decorate the piercing using a
  • 7

    Keep an eye out for infection. If there is clear or semi-white liquid, it means it’s healing. If it’s yellow, green, or smelly it may be infected. In this case, go to a doctor,[1] or visit your piercer and discuss the proper care.

  1. When you first get home, do NOT touch or move your piercing at all. It may still be a little sore because your body is getting used to the metal object in your skin. Just leave it under your top.
  2. ‘Steam clean’ your belly button. After a few hours of having it done, you can get some salt (sea salt is best) and boiling water in a small glass. Allow the water to cool slightly and then lean forward and put the glass on your stomach, then lean back. If you do it right, you will get a seal between your skin and the cup so nothing will leak. It can be tricky at first but after a while you will get the hang of it. Now with it on, wait 10 to 15 minutes, and the salt will clean it. (CLEANING WITH JUST A Q-TIP AND WATER IS FINE TOO)
  3. After you have cleaned it with the salty water, rinse it off with running water from the tap. afterwards you need to dry it. Don’t use a towel or dish cloth because these carry lots of bactreria. Instead use a clean paper towel and gently dry it. You must do this for about 3 – 4 months until it has healed completely.
  4. Bathing / showering. It is best if you take a shower, because it’s a stream of clean water constantly. However if you must bathe, do not put any bubble-mixture, strong bath oils, or soap in the water because this will irritate it. Instead have the water clean, and bathe as you would usually. Do not wash your hair in the water (because your hair carries a lot of germs too) and do NOT shave any part of your body while in the bath, because the small hairs may get caught in your piercing. Instead, shave and wash your hair after, without getting your piercing wet.
  5. Be careful how you sleep. If, like many people, you find yourself sleeping on your stomach (which is a problem) you can try this trick I used. If your bed is a single bed – Grab some spare pillows, and pile them up on one side. You can do this better if you lie on the bed. Put enough space for you to lie on your back, and then put the pillows on the remaining space. Now in your sleep, if you try and roll over you will be stopped by the pillows, or you will stay on your side. You have to try it a few times to get it right for your body shape, but it’s a good trick.
  6. Clothing – Most clothing will be fine, but stay away from tight, restricting clothes. Big belts are bad, because your body needs to get air, and the belt will not only put pressure on your piercing, it will limit the fresh air getting to it. Try and wear cotton or other soft fabrics, because these will irritate your skin less. If you know you are going to have to wear some kind of itchy clothing (P.E uniforms for school can sometimes be irritating to your skin) you can buy an eye-patch and put it over the piercing and then take it off after you have gotten changed.


  • Taking Care Of Your Lip Piercing :
  1. Before you get your lip pierced, think about “Is it worth it?” and “Do I have time to clean it?
  2. The day you get it pierced it usually won’t bleed and if it does it’s a very tiny amount.
  3.  You have your lip pierced! After you get it pierced you should go buy a bottle of Mouthwash that DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL (i.e: Biotene), Q-tips, and sea salt. Mix the sea salt and the warm water together to clean your piercing.. (If you don’t have any available)
    4. The piercing should heal in 6 to 8 weeks. After that time period you don’t have to clean it that often. Your lip will get swollen but that’s normal.
    5. Clean your lip after every meal and make sure you brush your teeth also. Grab a Q-Tip and soak one end in a warm water/sea salt mixture and gently rub around the piercing in your inner and outer lip. Then use a small amount of the nonalcoholic mouthwash normally. Your lip will get crusted blood on it just make sure you wash it all off.

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