Here lately I have come to find that there isn’t much time for myself any more. Having a 5 month old may seem easy. Some people think they just poop, pee & eat like newborns. Trust me it’s so much more than that. Finding time to take a shower, do my nails or simply have a peace of mind is not easy. Although chasing around a toddler isn’t either. I have learned that from my niece. It’s so funny how much time we waste when we are young. Simply trying to find things to do to keep me busy was my goal when I was a child. Then we come to find out that as an adult we struggle to find time. Use to I would blog every day, About just randomness. Now I have changed my blogging to once a week. Blogging to me isn’t just a task in every day life. It is something I look forward to. Sharing experiences with other mothers & helping people out. Because lets face it, we all need a little help.


From now on I want to make sure I can reach out and help others. People count us bloggers for help. And although I feel as if I have failed all of you… I know I haven’t. I’ve helped .




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