Home-Made Bath Paint

ISupplies You Will Need:
1/3 Cup Dish soap ( I have a suggestion for smaller kids below)
2 Tablespoons of Corn Starch
Food Coloring
Paint Brush (or they can use them as finger paints in the tub)
Small Tupperware ( I used 1/2 cup size with lid)

What I love about this is…you have it all at home anyway. No need to go out and buy supplies!

Here’s what you do:
Take the Dish Soap or Baby Shampoo for the younger kids so it won’t hurt if it gets in their eyes, and mix it in a bowl with the Corn Starch.

Then divide your mixture into four small Tupperware containers.

Next add 3 drops of food coloring into each container and stir with spoon.

Done! Easy Peasy!

Now you should have bath paints that look like this:

When bath time is over, you can slap the lids on them and save them for next time….OR
if your kid is anything like mine there won’t be any paint left cause he dumped it all in the tub after he was done painting..so you just plop the containers in the dishwasher.

It’s so inexpensive, and fun for the kids to make that I don’t mind making it again & again!


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