Toys For Tots

Child seat/Play Seat

I bought this for Sophia about 2 days ago. It has become her new favorite thing! The round pink part rotates . When your little one gets bored with one side, simply rotate it to the other side where there are more toys! It’s about $30 or $35. And can converts to a booster seat once little one gets to big! It’s easy to clean off and pretty easy to assemble . It goes up to about 25 pounds. ( i think ) and You can find them at Walmart in the baby section .
*recommended for ages 4 months and up*


Jungle Gym
This one came from Walmart and was about $35. (Again pretty cheap) Sophoa absolutely loves it! It’s easy to assemble and can convert to tummy time, and it can still be used to play with once little one can sit on her own. It’s machine washable and has 4 detachable toys. It has a battery powers play toy that when rolled makes noise. The jungle gym has a sunshine mirror and is great for entertaining your child for hours !



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