Cute Cakes For Tots!


This would be cute for a little girls 9th  birthday! With a princess theme and tiara’s every where! Everyone could dress up as princess at the party. A princess ball!


I love, love, love ,love , love penguins ! ❤  It can be used for boys or girls. Not to mention you can have a winter theme birthday party.




This is pretty orignal. A great idea is have your child dress up as her favorite disney channel princess!




Coming from a big gamers perspective, This cake is amazing. Cake could be served at 2:30pm. This could be followed by video games at 3:00pm.


This is perfect for those girly girls. Idea : Each girl at the party could get a My Little Pony.



This one is much similiar to the one above! Idea : Each girl at the party could be given a barbie doll. Don’t forget the pink balloons!





This is something a little more unique. Not to mention pricey! If your looking for something to add a little pop of color to your darling daughters birthday party this would be perfect!




This is more orignal, and colorful. I love all of the colors put together. Idea : Have gift bags filled with plastic, child safe tool sets.




This is perfect for your child’s 1st birthday party! Not to mention when you want something thats not over the top. Idea : Hand out each guest a diaper. (The size your little one wears) Have each guest write thier name and a piece of advice for the future. One your child’s 18th birthday hand them to your child.


These are my favorites! Some are as smple as cutting butter. Although some are alot more unique.









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