Things They Don’t Tell You Post-Partum

Inlisted in this blog is a few of the many things that the doctors DON’T tell you postpartum. These things have not only happened to me but many other mother’s also. Solutions are provided and hopefully can be helpful! Enjoy.

*Feel free to leave comments about things that have happened to you and I will add them to the list!*

1. Your gonna bruise. Ever since I had Sophia I have noticed that I bruise easier than a banana! Bruises can hurt of course. But more than anything there just annoying imperfections on our body.

Solution : I have read that certain vitamins may help to reduce and/or get rid of bruises. Arnica cream not only prevents bruises but also can ease the pain of bruises and heal it quickly. DO NOT use it on broken skin. It is poisonous internally, but okay external. Apply cream several times daily to area. Bromelain supplements in tablet or capsule form also may help. Take 250-500 In between meals. Hydrotherapy also works in fighting bruises. Get two cloths, soak one in hot water and soak the other one in very cold water. Put the hot cloth on first for 3 minutes, remove the hot cloth, and apply the cold cloth for 30 seconds. Repeat this four times but keep soaking the cloths to keep them hot and cold.

2. Your gonna have mood swings. Your baby want be the only person crying around the house. Most women experience baby blues, Post-patrum depression and just stress crying . Trust me I know from experience that non of the above is fun!

Solution : Try to create a stress-free environment! Get someone to watch the baby while you take a relaxing bath, Read a book, or go for a walk in the park. Find your peaceful place.

3. Your peeing schedule will be off. I it sounds super funny but it’s true. Your body has to adjust to going to the bathroom regularly again.

Solutions : My doctor recommended to try and go every 2 to 3 hours until your body is healed. If you notice you don’t feel the urge to try drinking a tall glass of water every other hour to help things go along.

4. Your shoes aren’t gonna fit. (most likely) Most women don’t notice that not only do your feet become swollen they also get longer or wider than they used to be. Just think of it like this all that extra weight is pushed agaist the soles of your feet. Your feet can widen pr become longer to adjust.

Solution : Buy bigger shoes?

5. Your taste buds can change. Remember that pickle and onion sanwich with peanut butter ? Uhmmm, yeah that might not taste so good since your not pregnant any more.

Solution : If you haven’t ate a certain type of food since pregnancy try not to make a big batch just yet. What you liked then, You may not like today.

6. You may be to tired to dress up. After having a baby things can get very energy draining. Just remember to do whats comfertable for you. If pj’s and a sports bra is the most comfertable for you than go for it ! You just had a baby. Trust me you will have other times where you can dress up. But for now just relax.

Solution : Be comfertable. Just wear blush and mascara instead of eyeliner, foundation, and lip stick wich can rub off and get every where if you fall asleep.

7. You may be to tired to take a bath. Not to mention not enough time either!

Solution : Try leaning your head over the tub and washing your hair in the mornings. That way at night all you have to do is jump in and wash off.

8. You might loose your hair. This never happened to me, But quite the opposite. Don’t freak though! it’s completely normal and just try not to damage your hair as much by putting 1,000 different hair product in your hair.

Solution : A) Keep Taking your vitamins. They really are sooo good for you. If you feel weird taking prenatal vitamins when your not pregnant try finding a daily vitamin. B) Don’t brush your hair wet. C) Wear your hair down. D) Don’t avoid getting your hair cut. And E) Wash your hair daily.

9. You will have a really heavy period. No matter how you give birth you will have postpartum bleeding. This discharge is called lochia. It last about 2 to 3 weeks. Some women bleed te whole 6 weeks.

Solution : Wear bigger pads, and try not to get up to fast.

10. Breastfeeding might be difficult. If you choose to breastfeed your baby, be prepared for a little bit of work. I tried for days AFTER coming home to breastfeed Sophia and I just couln’t get her to latch on in the hospital.

Solution : Talk to your local lactation consultant. They can give you advice and some will even come to your home.

11. Your boobs may get hard. If your breastfeeding it can get even harder.

Solution : Try laying a warm wash cloth on your chest. Or wearing a bigger bra.

12. Hemmheroids. They suck. Seriously ! Some women even say that it’s worse than childbirth itself. I want lie… They can make you want to cry! Not sure how long they last because it depends on the persons body. Any where between 2 weeks – and 9 months. YIKES!

Solution : Preparation H, Suppositories or a HOT bath. (not burning hot) If all else fails try laying on your stomach. It takes the pressure off.


13. Your heads gonna hurt .
One of the side effects of a epidural and child birth itself is headaches .
Solution :
I take Tylenol or ibuprofen . Using a cold wash cloth can also help when your eyes begin to hurt!

14. Your nails can look horrible . This doesn’t happen to every women post partum but it CAN ! I know after I had Sophia my nails chipped, broke and every thing in between !
Solution : keep up your nails. Whether that means a manicure of simply buffing and clipping them.



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