How safe are we…Really?

By now everyone from Cali to Florida has heard about the Boston marathon bombing. If you haven’t, your one lucky person. Hearing it on the news over and over on every channel had me thinking. How safe are we…really ? Although the bombs were disabled (the ones that didn’t go off) which is great and all… 3 died and (around) 140 people injured. But shouldn’t they have some kinda of sensor to sense those types of things? With all the technology these days you would think that they would stop inviting iPhone 5’s, or hallo graph movies. And actually spend Money to keep us safe. It’s not the guns , or the bombs that are killing people . It’s the people using them. Take them out by having more safety devices and such! Stop, saying your gonna do something and do it! Okay? It’s so ridiculous we can’t even have an event for a community without people’s limbs flying thru the air, and people dying. Enough is enough. Hey government, your taking money away from the wrong places. Your spending money on the wrong things. We need safety. Not more bogus laws, and broken promises. Don’t like my opinion? I honestly don’t care . Because after all we have the freedom of speech. Gonna take that away to?



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