Pregnancy Journal Entry From 9/15/12

Dear Sophia, 25weeks/1Day

Hello Hunny bunny ! Today was pretty boring. Your grand-paw came over And I made him dinner. Cooking is so hard now! The dizziness is quite aggravating. I have started drinking more water while I cook to try and help. Today I learned (from your Nana) that peppermints help with heartburn. So, your grand-paw gave me a huge bag. Thank goodness! Today I was lucky. I didn’t have as much heartburn. Hoooorraayyy ! While I am writing I am listening to my favorite rapper, Lil Wayne ❤ He's absolutely amazing regardless of what anyone says. Not to mention C.U.T.E! Hahaha.
My fish Nemo (Who has as much personality as me) is watching me while I write to you. I can't wait until Iget to buy your first fish! Anyways, I'm not sure what to write since today wasn't all that fabulous. My magazines say to write about ur dreams, ur goals, and what I want your life to be like. Truth is I'm okay with whatever you decide to be in life. Everyone's dreams and goals are different. Mine is to go to Culinary Art's school. Maybe even open up my own restaurant where people can buy my secret sauces and spices that I use when I'm cooking. After that I plan to go to go back to school to become a Marine Biologist/Fish Photographer. Heck, Maybe I'll even move to Canada. My passion is singing. But, I'm to scared to ever let anyone hear me sing. Other than in the shower! My dream car is a Lamborghini. Yellow and blue of course! Although it would be hard to fit a car seat in the back.

I'm going to take a bath though, and settle down for the night. I love you so much Sophie Bugg ! ❤

Love Always Your Mommy!


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