A Smile , Just Give It A Try!

A Smile , Just Give It A Try!

Have you had someone come up to you (when you have had a horrible day) and someone comes up and compliments you? That uplifting feeling you get, Just from someone saying a few words. Such as “I love your purse.” Or “Awee, Your hair is absolutely adorable!”. It’s so funny how we let the littlest things get to us. But, yet at the same time something even smaller can bring a smile to our face! When ever you see someone who looks down simply give them a smile. (: A smile can brighten anyone’s day! It can save lives, And it can give hope to the hopeless. We often don’t realize how important we are not only as people ourselves, But how important we are to others too. Next time your at the mall or out on your anniversary simple remember to smile. In fact pass on a smile! Let people know that they are important. We may all be made equal, But that doesn’t mean we feel equal as people. Remember, everyone needs a little bit of happiness !

Photo From: http://www.picturesquote.com


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