Out And About

Today was such a beautiful day! Me and Miss Sophia decided to get out the house. Since its Friday I figured “I’m thinking Applebee’s”. Sophia had been out and about a few times. But, I did worry she would get to fussy, and I’d feel “bad” for “ruining” everyone else’s peace and quiet while they enjoyed their food . Surprisingly she did amazing. She even eye balled my fried crunchy green beans. Yummmm! Except for having the worlds worse poopy diaper while I was ordering my food. 😛 talk about loosing an apatite. I hope I’m not the only one who worried about taking my little one out to eat. Haha Sophia even enjoyed the many “aweeees” and “ahhhhs” that came from everyone that saw her . How has your past experiences gone with taking your little ones out to eat? Any embarrassing stories to tell? I sure hope so. I love blogging and listening to some of The crazy stories women and men tell me . Although this blog isn’t as long as most of my others, I felt it was my duty to share my experience with Sophia’s first time out to eat. Enjoy !



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