Pregnancy Journal Entry From 9/14/12

Dear Sophia,                                                                                                  25Weeks/0Days

Hello my little sunshine! Today I had my glucose test. It tasted like fruit punch. The nurses said I couldn’t eat or drink past 12 last night. So, I didn’t. My appointment was at 9 Am. I was very hungry after the doctors visit. :/ Your Nana, Cam, Nickie, Brooke and me went and got Arby’s afterward. Arby’s is my absolute favorite! You seem to like it to since you kept kicking and moving around while I ate. Lately I have been watching tons of pregnancy videos. The videos had water birth, vaginal birth, twin birth and C-section. The water birth freaks me out! You are NOT a fish Sophia. I prefer a vaginal birth. I’m terrified of C-section. Especially since your aunt Nickie had one. The scarring, and constant problems ? Uhmm No! Plus a vaginal birth is special. You push the baby out. An it makes an amazing memory and bond for both baby and mother. Whether I hae a vaginal birth or C-section, as long as I have you be perfectly happy.


A lot of pregnant women have short bladders do to pregnancy. I do find myself going to the bathroom quite often. But I believe I go about the same as I did Pre-pregnancy. One thing I do have is the horrible pregnancy back pain. The doctor says it’s normal of course. I get a little worried sometimes because this is my first pregnancy! Your Nana, is crazy! She always talks to you and even puts her hand on my tummy to feel you move. Sometimes she talks to you in these crazy robot voices. It is very creepy! If anyone spoils you to much it will probley be her. I have discovered I’m not as big as every one else whose pregnant and this far along. I’m bigger built though so I don’t know. Staying home more often doesn’t bother me any more. The peace and quite in the house soothes me. Spending time with you Nana, and Maddy is very enjoyable since I moved back in. I hope and pray you love me as much as I love my mommy ! ❤ She means the world to me. Your Nana is the strongest person I know. Raising 3 children on her own. Now she deserves an award for that.


I have a few concerns about having you. I read some women go to the bathroom on them selves during child birth. EWWWWW. That would be so embarrassing! There are so many things that can go wrong such as : ripping, tearring And such forth. Can you say WTF? Everyone keeps asking me if I’m scared about labour. To be honest the only part that scares me is needles. D: Even though I have piercings and It makes no sense.

Oh yeah, I went ice skating twice, Mud riding, And I shot a shot gun during my first trimester. (I didn’t even found out I was FORSURE pregnant till I was almost 4 months pregnant.)

“I’m loving it!”


                     Love Always Your Mommy ❤


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