Relieve That Dry Flakey Scalp !

Don’t like looking like dalmation? Can’t wear black any more?

Dandruff is one of the most annoying and hard to get rid things in life.

It’s like no matter how much you brush and wash the dandruff always seems to multiply!

In this blog you will find 10 ways to help not only get rid of dandruff but relieve the itch too!

Feel free to leave comments about your own personal remedies, follow like and suggest my blog ! thanks .





10 Ways To Relieve Dandruff !

1. Shampoo Each Day to Keep It Away

2. Switch Shampoos

3. Try rotating three brands of dandruff shampoo
(each with a different formulation), using each for a month.

4. Lather Twice

5. Try tar

6. Shampoo with tea tree oil.\

7. Condition your hair with yogurt.

8. Use lemon juice on your hair.

9.Try a vinegar rinse

10. Soak in the sun.


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