Multiple Ways To Use Baking Soda & White Vinegar

The way the economy is these days people tend to try and find all kinds of ways to use products such as lemon juice , soap, and baking soda.
so, I decided to do some research on differnt ways to use products that we use in every day life. In this blog it includes different ways to use

1.White Vinegar
2.Baking Soda

– White Vinegar

A.) White Vinegar can be used for cleaning of electronics and just about everything. simply mix equal parts white vinegar and water. MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF ELECTRONICS.
Use a soft tough cloth dip into the mixture. (ring out well before use)
You can also use cotton swobbs for the tight spaces on the keyboard.

B.) White Vinegar can be used for your own homemade cleaners!
A good cleaning solution to use for dirty blinds! Simply use a mixture of equal parts hot water
and vinegar. Buy a pair of cotton gardening gloves. Then dip your finger tips in the mixture and
run it over each of the slats. Simply, cheap, and easy !

C.) White Vinegar can be use as fabric softener. It’s especially for those loads that you forgot about
2 hours ago! No one likes the smell of old, musty water clothes!

D.) White Vinegar can be use for polishing metals. Shine silver items (including silverware and of course jewelry) by soaking them in 1/2 C vinegar and 2 Tbs baking powder for
about 2 hours. You can also polish brass and copper by making a paste with equal parts vinegar and salt.
Make sure to use a clean cloth and rub with paste until tarnish disappears, then rinse with cool water and polish with dry cloth.
Clean chrome and stainless steel with undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle.  Buff with a clean cloth.

E.) White Vinegar can be used to remove glue from stickers, price tags and tape.
Use undiluted white vinegar to help loosen the edges of the sticker, price tag or tape
you would like to remove from furniture, or painted walls. For easy non-damaging removal
use a credit card or liscence to scrape off the stickiness. rub the remaining glue off with more vinegar.

F.) White Vinegar can be used to freshen up a dingy carpet.
Make sure to use a carpet brush and wash it with a solution of 1 C white vinegar in 1 gallon of water.
To clean the carpet, rub with a mixture of 2 Tsp salt and 1/2 C vinegar.  Vacuum area after drying.
If the smell bothers you, you can use carpet freshner to cover the vinegar smell up.

G.) White Vinegar can be used for preventingfrosty windshields.
Use a spray bottle filled with 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water and spray your car windows and windshield
 when you park outside during the winter.  This should stop frost from forming for weeks!


H.) White Vinegar can be used for killing weeds.
Put plain full-strength vinegar in a Medium size spray bottle and spray it on unwanted weeds. 
Remember to Repeat until weeds are gone!


I.) White Vinegar can be used for getting berry stains out.
Simply rinse with vinegar and they should come off pretty easily!


J.) White Vinegar can be used for cleaning the food splatters stuck on the inside of your microwave.
Fill a glass bowl with 1/4 C vinegar and  1 C water.  Microwave the bowl on high for 5 minutes.
Once the bowl cools down, dip a cloth into the bowl and use the liquid to easily wipe down the inside.



-Baking Soda

•Use to scrub pots and pans, Stove top and counters

•Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with a quart of warm water, and use it to clean the inside part of an oven

•Make your own sports drink mix with boiled water, salt and Kool-aid

•Baking soda is an effective meat tenderizer. It can be added to stews or rubbed directly on a cut of meat, and then rinsed off before cooking, to make the meat more tender

•Brush teeth for whiter cleaner teeth, helps kill bacteria

•Make a paste for dry skin, irritations and bug bites

•Make your own deodorant, 1.2 cup baking soda, ½ cup cornstarch. A few drops of essential oils such as lavender or cinnamon, maybe cedar or sage for men. Put all in glass jar, shake and blend well.
Sprinkle light cover on damp wash cloth and pat on, do not rinse.

•Washing hair, use thin paste to clean product residue build up and pollution, wash after as usual
Or add 1 teaspoon directly to shampoo bottle was as usual.

•Antifungal, use in shoes and socks

•Relief sun burns, make a paste with water.





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