Spring Flowers (Craft)

Instructions: This project will make a wonderful Easter centerpiece! You will need: Egg cartons Scissors Glue Green flexible straws Colored markers 1. To make a tulip, cut an individual cup from an egg carton. Trim the sides of the cup to form four petals (the ends can be rounded or pointed). For a finishing touch, use a colored marker to accent the edges of the petals. 2. For a daffodil, start with two yellow egg cups. Prepare one as described for the tulip. Trim the second cup so that the edge is even and the sides are about an inch tall. Fit the short cup into the first cup and glue it in place. 3. Finally, make a small slit in the bottom of each flower and insert the end of a straw for a stem. Now your flowers are ready to be arranged into a cheerful centerpiece for the Easter dinner table.


Sources : http://www.babycenter.com/210_spring-flowers_6065.bc



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