Getting Pregnant Check-List

Getting pregnant
[  ] Kick the pill (or any type of birth control)
[  ] Figure out when you’re ovulating
[  ] Learn to record cervicalmucus texture
[  ] Read up on conception and ovulation basics
[  ] Potential daddies — stayout of Jacuzzis
[  ] Consider charting basal body temperature
[  ] Potential daddies — trade in the briefs for boxers
[  ] Think about an ovulation predictor kit
[  ] Have sex!
[  ] Lose the lube
[  ] Find the right position
[  ] Spice it up in the bedroom

Diet & fitness
[  ] Work on getting any weight problems under control
[  ] If either of you smoke,quit
[  ] Get on prenatal vitamins
[  ] Balance out your diet
[  ] Get moving
[  ] Start weaning yourself off alcohol
[  ] Begin limiting the lattes
[  ] Scale back on extreme exercise
[  ] Decrease your stress
[  ] Get plenty of sleep
[  ] Potential daddies — avoid cottonseed oils

Doctors, tests & checkups
[  ] Interview OB/GYNS
[  ] Schedule a preconception checkup
[  ] Make a list of preconception checkup questions
[  ] Discuss your (and your partner’s) medical history with the doc
[  ] Get immunized
[  ] Visit the dentist
[  ] Talk to your doc about genetic testing

Money & Home
[  ] Talk it out — make sure you and your partner are on the same baby-making page
[  ] Check your home for harsh chemicals and asbestos
[  ] Check out your health insurance
[  ] If you’re self-employed,apply for private disability
[  ] Plan a baby budget

One thought on “Getting Pregnant Check-List

  1. This might sound gross or TMI, but to add to the Getting Pregnant category, a woman needs to let the semen stay inside her for a bit. If she jumps up and goes to the bathroom right away, there will be less sperm to get her pregnant. I’ve read in several medical articles that female orgasm may also help women get pregnant because the spasms of the cervix during orgasm (opening/closing) help push the seminal fluid inside the uterus. So ladies, don’t just have sex; ENJOY IT! lol 🙂

    I also write a blog about babies and being a parent. Mostly, though, I write product reviews and give tips on things you need for baby (and how to use them). You can check me out if you’d like:

    Great blog!

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