Pregnant Journal Entry “Things I like/dislike”


1.) I have an excuse to ride shot gun!
2.) Eating as much as I want without feeling like a fatty!
3.) Feeling Sophia for the first time. ❤
4.) Planning the baby shower 😀
5.) Having an excuse to not do my hair or makeup.
6.) Hearing Sophia's Heartbeat!? <333
7.) Sleeping….ALOT! ZzZzZz
8.) Shopping for Sophia, I Absolutely love baby clothes.
9.) Learning all the facts about your body & the way it works.
10.) Becoming closer too my mother.(:
11.) Being able to identify Miss Sophia's Body Parts as she move. (Hands,Feet, and bottom)


1.) Heartburn. It literally is horrible. :/
2.) NOTHING fits. Not even my shoes!
3.) Round ligament, & Braxton Hicks pain.
4.) Back, neck & upper leg pain!
5.) Your face gets fat. Seriously …
6.) Headaches.
7.) No monsters or red bull energy drinks.
8.) No roller coasters </3
9.) Restless nights, every night!
10.) Gas. Just … EWWW.
11.) Pelvic pain. (When you get further along)

*_I Will say in the end it is truly worth it! Looking back I had a pretty easy pregnancy an a fastttt labour and delivery. Feel free to share what you like and didn't like! Honesty I could name so much more NOW than when I was pregnant. Haha DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, FOLLOW, AND RECOMMEND MY BLOG* thanks for reading !


One thought on “Pregnant Journal Entry “Things I like/dislike”

  1. Being that I am still pregnant with my little girl it’s all nice and fresh for me lol.

    Feeling her move
    Hearing her heartbeat
    Eating is a major like
    Becoming closer with both of my parents
    Designing the nursery/my room
    Picking out the theme for her (Winnie the Pooh)
    Ultrasounds! I’ve had 6 because doctors have been worried about her growth

    Constant need to pee
    Her foot in my ribs
    Being allergic to myself basically because of the hormones
    Having to get shots through the pregnancy because I am RH- or O-
    Almost miscarried at 16 weeks
    Constant DRs visits, because I typically never see my DRs
    Lack of sleep, she is most active from the time I lay down until I get up in the morning.

    Also a lot of what you said as well. Those are just the ones I could come up with off the top of my head. 🙂 I have had a lot of issues through my entire pregnancy, issues with belly growth, different pains that the doctors had never seen, also the being allergic to myself is miserable. But just taking it a day at a time. Only have 7 weeks to go!

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