Journal Entry Notes About Doctors


1.) first doctors visit —> 7.24.12
*I Found out you are a girl 8.15.12
*20Weeks & 5 days pregnant
*weight 149

3.) Third doctors visit —> 9.14.12
*Glucose test . 😛 (Fruit punch flavor)
*Got My Blood Taken . EKKKK!
*weight 153

4.) Fourth doctors visit —> 10.11.12
*weight 162 (WOWZAHHH)
*Prescribed antibiotics for sinus infections.
*All was great!(:

5.) Fifth doctors visit —> 10.22.12
*30weeks & 4 days
*No weight Gain
*Got my flu shot. It made me dizzy & hot!
*Everythings great(:


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry Notes About Doctors

  1. Wow that just crazy to me you only had the 5 DRs visits and the hospital obviously when you had your daughter.

    I have had:
    10+ visits with my doctor
    6 ultrasounds
    2 hospitilzations

    And I still have 7 weeks to go!

    It is great though that you seem to have had a really easygoing pregnancy though 🙂 I would not wish the craziness that I have been through on ANYONE! It’s way too stressful.

    • I actually had 12 not including the day I had her. But the way I wrote it in my journal I only had 5 wrote down on page 5. Towards page 50 is where 6-12 is. I pray for an easy labour and delivery your way!

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