Finding love in all the wrong places

You know we all sit and watch those sappy romance movies. hoping that maybe, just maybe we might catch some advice. Twilight along with the notebook & dear John have been some o my favorites! The truth is we all search for love not only in the wrong places but also in the wrong way. With today’s technology it’s hard to not have an ACTUAL conversation with someone. Of course texting and messaging each other on Facebook seems so easy… The matter of the fact is that we often rely on these things for communication. So, when finding “love” where do we start? Because obviously it’s DOES NOT happen like it does on the movies! People always tell us “let love come to you.”. The only thing is even when we say we aren’t looking for love subconsciously we still do . We still look at all attractive people and imagine our selves with the hottest celebrity’s.

Now a days people use the word “love” lightly. Some say it takes years to truly be in love. I argue with that statement. It’s not about how much time you spend with someone, it’s the memories you share. We often get to caught up in life that we forget to enjoy the little things! And the little time we have with people.

For me, I’d rather look in hope than not look.


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