Get a little thrifty!

Recently I read a blog about “quiet books”. They are made out of felt fabric material. Some of the idea I saw were very educational. From counting, to naming the colors the possibilities are endless! My goal is to make a 20 page one for Sophia within the next 2 years. (Since she isn’t even old enough to lift her head yet) In the ‘Quiet Book’ the pages could be filled with a fire station or even a ballerina studio. I absolutely love this idea because you can pretty much use any theme for each page. The reason for this blog is to ask you all if you have a quiet book or are thinking of making one. Feel free to share ideas, prices, or places that you have gotten the material. On the blog I read earlier you can actually buy the books already made. But, I wanted mine to be more personalized! The cheapest one I saw was around $45 dollars. Anyways, I believe that any opportunity to help your little one learn is an opportunity well worth it! Does anyone have any cute (preferably non expensive) craft ideas for 1-3 year olds?

2 thoughts on “Get a little thrifty!

  1. I loved making mine! I picked up felt when it was on sale at my local fabric chain (for me it’s JoAnn’s) and waited until I had one of their coupons to buy the backing fabric. I definitely overspent on fabric because I overestimated how much I would need. I would stay away from the sheets of craft felt (although the colors are gorgeous) it pulls right apart if you give it a good tug.

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