Losing weight one day at a time!

We all know that during pregnancy you gain weight. Gaming weight is a part of pregnancy. When I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to have Sophia and start shedding weight! The reality is though that after having a baby it’s hard to loose the weight you gained.

I’m 9 weeks post partum. After doing a lot of search on Pinterest and google I’ve put together a great workout for post partum weight loss. First things first.

1.) eat HEALTHY. Even if you don’t like veggies or fruit it’s always good to eat right. If you just absolutely CAN’T eat them though try protein shakes an weight loss TV dinners. <— most of then are actually really good!

2.) substitute. I've your used to WAYY greasy Fattening chips try switching up the brand or try a different kind. For me, I eat lays baked chips because they have fewer calories than the original ones. Try diet soda if you drink soda ect.

3.) Don't eat before bed! When you eat before you go to bed it's harder for your body to digest your food laying down.

4.) create a workout program that fits your schedule. For me I try and do yoga at least 4 to 5 times a week. I've also downloaded workout apps on my iPod and created a routine. (Much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer or whatever)

5.) Try an get a membership at the YMCA. The Y is fun and is only $50 dollars a month . This is especially good if you have a big family.

6.) subscribe to some kind of fitness magazine. Reading a magazine is much more entertaining than reading online.

7.) Find the right motivation! Try making lists around the house to remind you to eat right, and that you CAN loose the weight !

These are 7 tips that hopefully will help!

Since having Sophia, I've been eating healthy and staying active and I've loss a total of 20 pounds! Currently I am almost to my original size.

Also remember that getting toned and fit can also help hide those annoying stress marks. Whose gonna be looking at those when you've got a tone fit body? Exactly !

I hope this post helps and feel free to share your story's about loosing the weight! Your beautiful & you can do this !

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