Stressing Over organization



So, we all know being near and clean is what we have been taught since we were little. Ever since I was a young child every toy had its place and every mess was cleaned right way.When I became pregnant in late march/early April I never would have thought that this would change.

Sophia is 2 months old now. For the past 7 months my whole house is a MESS. Being big on organization It driving me crazy! I didn’t realize how bad the mess (and my stress) was until today . Early afternoon I decided to buy a new fish tank for my fish nemo. Nemo is a goldfish I bought from Walmart almost 3 years ago. Anyways, I headed over to pets mart to buy aquarium gravel, little plastic plant props & other pointless things we buy to make it look cute. After spending 45 minutes cleaning the tank and all of the pieces it came to my attention I had absolutely NO where to put it. After becoming so frustrated at having no where for him to go, I felt like giving up. I decided to clean off my night stand. What I thought would only take about 5 minutes quickly turned into 20. There was so much pointless junk on the night stand. Old candy wrappers, broken pens, old stickers, and 1000000 little crumbs. Talk about feeling trashy! I then began to look around the room to realize the whole house was cluttered. Being taught to be so neat used to be an every day thing for me. What happened? Do we honestly get so wrapped up in other things during the day that we don’t have enough time to clean?

You never think things like that will happen until you have a baby. I can’t imagine what it’s like having twins. Or even quadruplets! Even though before having Sophia I was set on having twins. We all get busy at times. Let me rephrase that. A lot of the times! But maybe we do need to take time to clean. Does it make us a bad parent for not setting a good example? Or would our kids understand? If I offend anyone I am deeply sorry! But what if being unorganized really is a bad thing? These are the questions that swarmed in my head late tonight. I was always told Your house reflects who you are. If that’s the case than I’m a stuffed animals every where, pencil shavings on the floor, dishes piled high kinda gal. (Laughs to self) How are all of you coping? Feel free to leave your comments , advice, and opinions.



One thought on “Stressing Over organization

  1. My house was a disaster from the day i stopped seeing my toes to just a few days ago. Pregnancy can take alot out of you (and it will). With such a young baby, i wouldn’t stress about it that bad. I didn’t and I don’t. Even my son’s pediatrician (who was my pediatrician) said that I was to sleep when he sleeps, and not worry about the house. Care for baby is #1

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