Pregnant Journal Entry from 9/11/12

Dear Sophia, 24weeks&4days

So, I have come to learn that you don’t like it when I lay on my back. You always start to move a lot as if your uncomfortable. My doctor recommends laying on my left side. (Even though laying on my right side is my favorite) You seem to be okay with me laying on my left side.

My favorite food is spicy food! During my first trimester I didn’t get heartburn or indigestion. Now that I’m in my second trimester you don’t seem to like anything spicy. Even soft drinks, sausage, chocolate, taco sauce & ketchup give me HORRIBLE heart burn. Some times I even get indigestion. Since I have been pregnant I have found that I can’t eat before bed. You definitely don’t like it when I do!

Your growing so much! Right now your over a pound, and around 12 inches tall. Currently I am 6 months pregnant. Quite small compared to other women who are 6 months. But, I’m definitely OKAY with that. (: Yesterday I received my pregnancy belly button ring. It’s so weird looking! The belly ring is sooooo long and it has a pink charm that reads “SOPHIA”.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I really want to repaint the green rocking chair we have. Maybe we could paint it white with your name in pink. There are so many baby/nursery room decor. Not to mention the endless ideas. I’m wanting to do a butterfly/skylight theme. There could be butterfly’s hanging on the walls. Some how I’d like to hang white Christmas lights across the ceiling. The lights could represent the stars twinkling in the sky at night. Since I’m not a big fan of to much pink, maybe purple, blue and green for your baby blankets and sheets.

Love always Your Mommy ❤


2 thoughts on “Pregnant Journal Entry from 9/11/12

  1. This post reminds me so much of the letters that I have been writing my daughter. I have been writing to her since I was about 18 weeks. I am going through all of this without the father or any significant other, I just have my parents. When I decided to paint her room I made it a pale purple. I really have never been a fan of pink either so it’s been fun picking out lots of stuff in yellow, green and purple. I also am really small and have been through my entire pregnancy, I am at 32 weeks and the doctor said that I have expanded only about as much as someone in their mid second trimester. He even sent me for an emergency ultrasound this week because he was worried about her but she is perfectly fine growth wise.

    I have just found over the last month all I want to do is hold my baby girl. I feel her all the time but not actually seeing her is becoming very difficult.

    Love your blog!!

    • I completely understand where you are coming from doll! I am a single mother. Sophia’s father was not around when I was pregnant and it is so frustrating an not to mention scary! Of course I can’t say it gets better as in “easy” but in the end when your holding your beautiful Babygirl nothing else in this world will matter. Time will heal & as long as your daughter is happy dont worry about men or being alone. Because your daughter will thank you one day, and I can promise that! Thanks for reading my blog. I love talking to other soon to be mothers who have gone thru what I have. Keep your head up and congratulations!(:

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