Learning to catnap


We all know that a new baby means NO sleep. Getting up every 2 hours is just the start! From fixing the bottle, to changing the diapers at 4am it quickly gets exhausting. The nurses and even your mother will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. I don’t know about y’all but that can be really easy, or really hard. For me it was the hardest!! All I wanted to do was hold my babygirl and stare at her all night. The funny part about that is when I would eventually start to fall asleep she would instantly wake up crying. Let me tell staying up till 5 & some times 6am was rough! Not only was my body getting used to NOT having a 8 pound baby in me, my body had so many aches and pains. Ughhh ! Teaching my self to cat nap was no easy trick. Finding ways to make my body give out and finally fall asleep was tough. I researched all over the internet in hopes that I’d find some advice or magical dust to put my to sleep. After researching for hours on end I decided to take matters into my own hands. My first thought was to try and not do to much in one day. Because lets face it a restless body sucks! The first weeks I brought Sophia home I started Drinking less after 5pm. We all know getting up every 5 minutes to pee is not only stressful but quite annoying too. After a few days I Noticed that not doing to much & drinking less at bed time helped my body unwind. So, I made a point to myself to start taking a hot bath or shower every night around 7pm. I knew it would be hard since Sophia was so attached to laying on top of me all day every day. After a few weeks I was able to finally get some shut eye! I realized the key to sleeping is to clear your mind. STOP WORRYING about the dishes, cooking, and doing your hair. Take some time off at the end of the day for YOU. In the end it’s worth it. In no time you will be catnapping the night away. Catnapping : Short periods of sleep that you can  easily be awoken. Catnapping is so much easier than falling completely asleep. When your body is exhausted and so worn down, when you do eventually fall asleep your body falls into a DEEP sleep from being too tired. Thus, making you feel horrible when you wake up 2 hours later. Find your happy place of relaxation and give it a try! In no time you’ll be catnapping like a champ.





One thought on “Learning to catnap

  1. I have been trying my best to do a lot of what you are saying here. I have a lot of problems with it though just because I am still pregnant. I have learned how to lay down whenever my little peanut is moving around too much, but its still hard to actually sleep. Also with the drinking less liquids that is so hard because I constantly get dehydrated. Another thing that I found super helpful is just to read a bunch of pointless articles before trying to sleep, things about antiques or about fixing things around the house and it always seems to help me get to sleep.

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