Who am I? Who are we?

Who am I? Is a question we all ask each other. There is no right or wrong answer. We spend are whole lives being told what we should be, what jobs we should take, And what society wants us to be. Truth is we are never told who are really. In my opinion no one knows who they are. No one knows why we are the way we are. A lot things happen in life that define who we are. We make Decisions. We have struggles & strengths. We spent are whole lives trying to be something we are not. whether it’s who are mother’s hope for us to be or our lovers. I know for me i spend every second of very minute trying to figure out where to even start with the question. Some times I know I struggle with having three different sides of me. The Wild side of me doesn’t want to think about the consequences of life or the outcome. Having no schedule, & being spontaneous. The second side of me is already  worried about the future & my career when i am not even old enough to have a career yet. Worrying about bills, groceries, how to act proper. Finally the last side of me want to enjoy life but doesn’t know where to start. We all start some where. But which road do we take? Does life get any easier? Or are we just apart of a nation that will eventually fall no matter what road we take? My point of this blog is that we waste to much timing trying figure out things when what we should is enjoy life! STOP what your doing and think to yourself…Will you be what society wants you to be? Or will you be who YOU want to be?


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