Thru The Eyes Of A Pregnancy


Have you ever wondered what babies do when they are in your stomach ? I some times find myself wondering what Sophia thought of each day she grew and developed. Do they dream ? Or do do they even know what is going on. Babies are an extraordinary topic. Just imagine being so confused and lost in a bowl of slime. Do they get scared? These are among the few questions I often would ask my self when i was pregnant.

People often say “I slept like a baby last night.” When yet we don’t truly even know how babies sleep. Do they feel pain after every movement we make? Pregnancy for me was never easy. The stress, fatigue & morning sickness is just a first. Eventually you not only can’t reach to shave, Nor even paint your toenails.

You battle every day just trying to find some way to motivate yourself to do your hair. Sometimes even just to get up & use the bathroom. People would always say to me “It’ll get better!”. Truth is they lied. Pregnancy doesn’t get any easier… That is until you have your child. Even then things don’t get easier. But, you have motivation to just DEAL with the stress because you now have an amazing miracle. Your baby! ❤

My advice for any one planning to have children, or people who are currently pregnant :

-Don’t give up just yet! You may think that your body cannot handle child birth but your wrong. God designed are bodies to give birth. YOU CAN do it!

-Get sleep while you can! I sleep pretty much my whole pregnancy away! & boy am I happy i did! Once your special little bundle gets here you want have as much time a you think to do every day things. Such as nap, Draw, Cook, And some times even going to the bathroom!

-Eat as healthy as you can. Your body needs vitamins and healthy food to stay strong & provide nutrients to your baby. (even if you hate veggie’s try protein shakes, and whole grain items)

-YES, your going to gain weight. That is apart of pregnancy. You CAN on the other hand at least stay active. LIGHT exercise can not only keep your weight down (from fatty foods. Because we all know that icecream & hot sauce is calling our names) But also give you more energy!

-Don’t buy useless items. I bought 5 packs of pacifiers for Sophia.. Let’s just say she likes only one of them and i wasted my money! You truly don’t NEED as much as we think we do. Yes, every little cute pink or blue thing you is adorable & so tiny! But, try and think to yourslef do I NEED or WANT this item?

-Create a checklist : Wipes, Diapers (cloth or regular ones), Carseat and base, Pacifier, Baby lotion & ect.,  Baby wash clothes (you really only need 2 or 3), Clothes of course NB and 0-3 Months (don’t go over board on the NB clothes they grow out of their clothes FAST), Babybed/bassinet, Monitors (if you plan on baby having his/her own room, Diaper ointment (you probley want use it while baby is a newborn but it is always good to have on hand. Not every store is open at 4am), Bottles (if your bottle feeding), Breast pump (if your breastfeeding), Baby socks & hats, & nipple ointment and breast pads. Even if your not breastfeeding your nipples will most likely be cracked and leak. (gross right?)

-Keep a journal. Now this isn’t necessary but it is a good memory for your child when he or she gets older! Write in it everyday and express your emotions. Not to harsh though!

-Don’t expect to much from yourself. Your going thru so many changes right now! Don’t worry about the dishes or get to stressed about cooking dinner. You will be washing plenty of clothes and cooking later on! Don’t expect to be able to do everything, It is OKAY .

-Don’t wast money on creams for reducing stretch marks. No matter what you put on stretch marks are genetic. If your mother had ’em your most likely gonna get ’em. (if you do buy any though i recommend Bio oil ($20) or Baby oil mixed with coffee grains) <—– Instead of using the coffee grains to make coffee rub the mixture onto the belly. It will exfoliate the skin!

-Keep the romance. I know in some cases sex seems to seem more like a long, drawn out process that never seems to end. BUT, at least try to keep the romance going. Whether it’s a make-out session or a candle lit dinner. (whatever floats your boat darlin’) And in some cases women can’t keep their handle off of their loved ones. If fall into the last category your doing great!

-Take vitamins! I bought just regular over the counter prenatal vitamins. The baby takes a lot of nutrients from you in order to grow stronger and more developed. So, what happens when your feeling drained from vitamins and minerals? Eat a healthy meal & take your vitamins!

-WALK. Yeah, i know you are tired and hurting. I WISH i would have walked more to keep y body from lounging on the coach. Your body needs movement. And walking to the bathroom every 5 minutes doesn’t count.

-Don’t over read. This is a big NO, NO! During pregnancy (and after) I read every article, blog, book, and magazine front to cover. (especially since i’m a first time mom) By the end of my pregnancy i worried about every fatal, bad possibility that could happen.  


Now that we have covered that a little pep talk.

Please, Please, Please always remember you will be OKAY! You and your body are beautiful !

*Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and suggestions about what to write on my next blog*


One thought on “Thru The Eyes Of A Pregnancy

  1. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog post today. Love your post. BTW, my youngest is 8 and I still worry about the possibility of every bad thing happening to my children.

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