Pregnant Journal Entry From 9/7/12

Dear Sophia,                      24weeks Pregnant

Mid July is the first time I felt you truly start to move around. ❤  Around March 22, 2012 is when you were conceived. I’m 5 in a half months pregnant now. You must want to be a soccer player, as much as you kick me. Most the time it is when i first wake up. Early May is when i first started getting sick. I suspected i was pregnant. So I got my friend Gabby to take me to the dollar tree to buy two pregnancy tests. I went to my other friend Lyndsey’s house to take the test. As soon as i read the test i cried & balled my eyes out. At first i was NOT happy… But now I’m so excited to bring Sophia Arabella Into this world. ❤ The night i told your nana (my mom) I was pregnant she flipped out! I waited hours & hours before I had enough bravery to tell her. Me and her both cried. And also became closer at the same time. At first, I thought of adoption. “How am I supposed to raise a baby?!?” is a question I asked myself over and over. The more I thought about It the More I realized I could not give my babygirl up!

-Love Always Your Mommy ❤

P.s Your cousin who is almost five is very excited your coming & so is your 7 month old cousin too.

*note to self I got my pregnancy belly button ring this month*


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